Some Organizing Tricks And Storage Ideas You Can Implement At Home


Did you know that you can easily combat clutter through the use of ordinary household items? Indeed, you can make use of some of the usually household items in creative and unexpected ways.

Different Household Items You Can Use For Organizing Your Things

Jewelry Boxes – These little boxes are indeed very sturdy. Instead of throwing them out, you can clip them together so you can come up with tidy divided storage for pencils, pens, plastic flatware, and lipstick.

Glass Jars – You can attach glass jars underneath a table or perhaps a shelf. This trick actually works in the garage, the craft room, or the basement. All you have to do it to nail or glue the lids underside of a surface close to where you store your tools and twist the jars into place.

Tissue Boxes – You can easily dispense plastic grocery bags by stuffing them into an old tissue box that you can store under the sink. If you need one, you just have to pull it. To achieve a slimmer solution, you can opt for a cardboard paper-towel tube instead.

Shower Curtain Hooks – You can place hooks on your closet bar and your purses from them. This will actually keep your carryalls at eye level.

Dish-Drying Rack – You can use this to organize coloring books and art supplies. You can stack the books like plates. And in the utensil caddy, you can store crayons, pencils and markers.

Tension Rod – Position a short tension rod that will act as a divider in order to keep pot lids from rattling around and getting lost or misplaced in the kitchen. You can actually stack pots and pans in the larger section and lean the lids against the rod on a smaller side.

Coat Rack – Using a wall-mounted coat racks, consider hanging your necklaces and bracelets within easy reach.

Velcro Tape – There are indeed a lot of cord organizers on the market today. You can actually make use of velcro tapes in keeping the electronic cords in check. To determine which cord belongs to which machine, consider attaching adhesive file-folder labels bearing the names of cord’s owners near the plugs.

Zipper-sealed bags You can keep sets of place mats and napkins in huge sealed plastic bags. Be sure though to label how many are in every bag.

Clear boxes – Plastic containers offer a smart storage for glue sticks, crayons, scissors, and the like. Children will easily see what every container holds. Also, they can locate the right shade of green at a glance and put it back easily on where they have taken it out. It would be a smart idea for you to assign a colored basket or bin to every family member to hold the items they need to grab each time they leave the house. These include umbrellas, keys, mail, permission slips, and more.

When it comes to items that you won’t use for months, consider hiring a portable storage unit where you can safely keep these items.