Hairdressing Salons for Men: Some Do's and Don'ts

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It may come as a shock to you but not all hair grooming mishaps at the salon are caused by incompetent hairstylists; you, the customer are almost equally to blame! Did you know that if you come out of a salon with a really bad haircut, chances are that you went in with terribly unrealistic and grandiose expectations, pathetic communication skills, and a very taciturn disposition? At least this is what experts in the field have found after months of research.

So, how do we rectify this problem? We know that looking good starts with our hair. Bad hair days tend to cloud our normally amiable outlook on life. When your hair looks great, you feel on top of the world! Let's explore the changes we need to make in our approach to getting a decent haircut. Maybe if we clean up our act, we can say 'goodbye' to bad hair days for the rest of our life.

The first thing we have to do is make sure we have identified a good salon. Salons that encourage customers to walk in as they please are strictly focussed on the commercial side of their business and pay very little attention to the customer's likes or dislikes. They just do not have the time for it! We'd like our hairstylist to talk to us about our hair and gently dissuade us from going in for Justin Bieber's latest haircut, even though we are quite convinced it will make us popular with the ladies.

Look for a salon that will not let you in unless you have an appointment. That's where you can trust the guy with the scissors to not put you in an assembly line and hack his way through your hair amongst others! But make sure you are always on time. And if you are not able to make it for any reason, let them know well in advance so they can fit in somebody else. Always remember that your hairstylist is not a mind-reader. So, help him understand what kind of cut you are looking for by carrying the magazine or picture that put the idea into your head. But be realistic. At 40, with a balding pate, wanting dreadlocks is just not going to work.

Try to get an appointment smack dab in the center of the day that's when they are not too lazy nor are they too tired to listen to long descriptions of how you want your hair cut or styled. Never go to the salon with greasy hair. Wash your hair thoroughly and do not use any hair products on the day you are going to the salon; do not even wear a hat as that leaves a dent in your hair.

There are salons where they even serve cold drinks while you watch flat screen TV or catch up on work or browse the Net using their wireless access. Some salons even display sport souvenirs, cigars, and men's hair and skin care products for sale.

Be Nice. Always! And listen to your hairstylist's advice. He knows best. A word of appreciation and saying thanks will definitely go down well. Throw in a hefty tip and you are set for life with the best hairstylist in town!