Creating Funny Graphic T-Shirts

To create a funny graphic t-shirt one must stand out from the pack. To do this you need original concepts and original artwork that other t-shirt makers have not used. In this article we will take a look at three tips that will have your funny graphic tee designs get talked about.

The first and most important condition you need to make a great t-shirt is a terrific graphic designer. If you have the graphic design skills great, but if not you can always partner up with someone who is or you can buy photoshop and read all kinds of online tutorials. Original and unique artwork will always make your idea stand out from the pack.

The second tip to a great graphic t-shirt is to not steal ideas from shirts that have been done. You may make some sales on the stolen design but your line of funny graphic tees are never going to take off as a whole without pure originality. Brainstorm ideas to come up with shirt designs. Parodying public signs and adding a funny phrase can usually lead to an original concept. Changing a famous witticism and adding some great artwork with a funny spin also leads to great ideas.

Once your designs are done give away some of your designs for free to friends, family, and fans of your designs on the internet. If the design is good it can catch on like wildfire. Have those you have a free t-shirt carry around a business card with your contact information so that others who like the design can access your site or shop.

With these tips hopefully you can create the next funny graphic tee empire.