Pick The Bag That's Best For You


I remember when I used to believe that a purse was just a container to make it easier for women to carry all those necessities we feel we must have with us at all times – you know what I mean, the obvious items – wallet, checkbook, comb, brush …… then there's the add-ons – the make-up bag (just the essential items needed for quick touch-ups – foundation, cover-up, mascara, lip liner, lipstick, eye lash curlers, tweezers, 15 shades of eye shadow ….. the necessities), the travel size hair spray, 5 containers of creams, curling iron, Kleenex, washcloth, spare pair of panty hose, cell phone, organizer …… .

I could go on I'm sure but I think most of you women are nodding your heads and laughing along with me at this point.

Recently I was enlightened to the fact that a purse is meant to be so much more! Did you know a purse can not only strengthen your outfit, but can also flatter your body? I know !! I could not believe it either!

Here are some of the tips I have come across on how to pick a bag that is going to flatter your body:

You can flatter you body by choosing a bag with a shape that is the opposite of your body type. If you are of the tall and thin variety a larger rounded, slouchy bag would best complement your look. If you are shorter and curvy a taller or rectangular shaped bag would be a great choice.

The general tips are that the rounder your body type, the more structured shape bag would be the best complement to your figure. This does not suggest that you carry a perfectly square, hard box style of bag – just think along the lines of a more structured shape.

Now, when it comes to the size of your bag, you should pick one more on proportion to your body rather than the opposite. If you are on the petite side you do not want to be overshadowed by your bag, so stay on the small to medium size rather than the large slouchy style of bags.

Purses come in so many sizes and shapes now that you will have no problem finding one that suits not only your needs, but complements your figure and style.

At Bagz Beltz and Beyond we carry a huge selection of bags, purses, handbags and totes. We have small, structured clutches, medium sized structured handbags and hobos, as well as a great selection of large hobo, tote and messenger bags. You will have no problem finding the perfect shape and size for you! Your only problem will be which one to choose and what color. Remember, bags do not have to match your shoes!