Acer Aspire One AOD 150-1165 10.1 Inch Netbook – A Little Marvel


If you are looking for an affordable notebook computer that performs well and offers all of the basic functionalities, consider the Acer Aspire One. This compact notebook with its 10.1 inch screen, allows its users to travel light. In fact, its minute weight at only 3.1 pounds makes it ideal for the traveler who needs to stay in touch but does not want to carry around a heavy standard laptop.

But, even though this laptop is small, it is still mighty. Users can get on this compact machine and do just about anything they want. You can surf the net, complete a business report or listen to audio or media files. It comes standard with the Windows operating system, allowing you to use it for any standard business purpose possible. And, with a 5 hour battery life, you can use this baby on the plane to watch movies without ever skipping a beat.

If you are someone who needs to stay in touch when on the go, you can use the built in webcam and microphone to chat with friends and family members. So, these important features allow this laptop to be used for both personal and professional needs.

And, even though this guy is small, it packs a roomy hard drive, with over 160 GB. So, not only can you use it for any of your needs, but you can store important files without a hesitation. So, for any user looking for a small laptop that packs a punch, this affordable number is just the ticket.