A Little Redwing Shoes History

In 1905, Charles Beckman started the RedWing Shoes Company in Red Wing, Minnesota. His customer base rode horses, so boots were an extremely popular and important buy. The first pair of Redwing shoes cost less than two dollars.

Today, Minnesota is a different city and Red Wing Shoes is a different company. But Redwing shoes have been around for over a century so a redwing shoe is crafted by people with a rich history and tradition of shoe-making that makers of most other brand-name shoes simply can not boast. Red wing shoes are classic and not only that, they are built to endure.

In fact, it's not much of an overstatement to say that Redwing shoes are legendary! Just as the Red Wing Shoe Company has endured year after year, for over a hundred years, Redwing shoes and boots are also unbelievably durable. Whether your job requires physical activity or you're an outdoory, athletic type, a pair of Redwing shoes will serve you well – protecting your feet, maximizing your performance, and also keeping you looking quite stylish.

Redwing shoes are not only good-looking, featuring a rugged charm, but they're about as sturdy as a pair of shoes get. Red Wing's specialty is work and hiking boots, but in all the company's years of experience, their line keeps growing. Redwing shoes have evolved with society. Instead of outfitting horseback riders, they now outfit motorcycle riders! From pull-on boots to steel toe boots to zipper boots, the options are endless. Red Wing Shoes also offers a slue of accessories for its customers.

Red Wing pays care to every detail of crafting a pair of boots – from inspecting the leather to putting the final trims on a shoe, no part of the process is taken for granted. Redwing shoes are made with expertise and meticulous attention to detail.

So if you're looking for quality craftsmanship, technologically advanced, and not to mention great-looking, boots, the Red Wing Shoe Company is probably one of your better bets as it's been around the block more than a few times.