5 Mantras To Insure Business Success

Several years ago my husband married me as I lay in bed terrified my business was going to fail – not from anything I was done, but because none of my clients could pay me.

Or had I done something?

I had allowed myself to create a business which came from a place of lack. I had a scarcity mindset and, as a result, had attracted that same type of client.

That night I made several decisions:

1. My business would NOT fail.

Once I stated this as a fact, rather a desire, my path became clear. I created a roadmap to success and followed it every step of the way.

2. I would marry belief and action.

While I believed in the Law of Attraction, I had never married that belief with concrete action. Doing so allowed me to come from a place of true authenticity which, in turn, attracted my ideal clients.

3. I would embrace the concept of abundance.

I had an inbox full of emails with information (new strategies and such) "in case I needed them someday". I learned to embrace the theory of abundance and KNOW that the information would be there when I needed it.

The day I hit "delete" on over 1,000 "cutting edge" business strategies is the day I became free.

4. I would learn to laser focus.

My curse (and blessing) as an entrepreneur was that I always had a new great idea and almost never * fully * completed any of them.

I started keeping an "idea notebook" on my desk for all those great ideas – I write and then go back to what I focused on and the ideas are there for when I want them.

5. I would read / listen to all the programs I had bought.

I had invested thousands upon thousands of dollars in programs which would help me succeed.

Once the programs arrived however (they always took longer than I wanted), I was busy with something else and "would get to it".

I set aside time each week to go through this material and committed to not purchasing anything new until I was sure I had scheduled the time to go through it.

The result of these five decisions? My practice filled to capacity, my income increased significantly and I had become consistent in my thoughts and actions.

Your Coaching Challenge

This week's coaching challenge is a little different from the norm in that I'm asking you to do a couple of things – both which will propel your business forward.

I'd like you to choose ONE thing for your business which needs * completing *, set some time and focus on that item until it's done.

I'd also like you to commit to take action on this, and every other email you receive WHEN you receive it and then delete it without you must save for business reasons which have nothing to do with hoarding information.

You'll be amazed at the time AND energy you free up just by implementing these two strategies.