Making Money Sports Betting Requires A Plan

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Millions of people the world over bet on sports. Most of them have no idea what they are doing. They bounce from one system to the next hoping for some miracle that will win every time. Or they spend hours looking at stats hoping to find some intangible edge they can bet. They would be better off flipping a coin, or not betting at all.

Making money betting on sports requires a plan. And that plan should not include reliance upon a betting system that promises you will never lose. Even the best picks lose about 40% of the time. Accepting your losses should be part of the plan. The goal is not to never lose, just to win more than you lose.

Winning requires that you pick the winner 53% or more of the time. That requires you bet only on games that have at least a 53% probability of going your way. In the NFL and NBA, known edges can be found in certain point spread situations. In other sports you must be able to identify motivated teams to bet on in advantageous situations.

However you decide to do it, making money betting on sports requires a plan to be successful. You can’t do the impossible, so why waste your bankroll trying when all it really takes is smart betting?

Your plan should be to bet only on games where you either have a known edge, or very good reason to believe an edge is there. The best sports pick is nothing more than a guess that has at least a 40% chance of losing. Those guesses are not beyond the average bettor with a plan.

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