Flash Player Will not Install on AOL


Flash Player will not install on AOL – you have some sort of issue with your PC that's preventing the installation of Flash Player fromcoming. This is a big problem which causes even the most up-to-date Windows computers from working correctly, and is actually caused by a very specific problem inside the settings of Windows.

Reasons Why You Can not Install Flash Player On Your System

The reason why you can not install Flash Player (watch videos) is because your computer is unable to install the program with the AOL browser being present . More specifically, the "AOL Desktop Manager" will be blocking the installation of the Adobe Flash Player on your computer, making it essential that you're able to first stop this program from running before trying to install Flash again.

How To Fix AOL Flash Player Problems

Step 1 – Install Google Chrome

This may seem slowly obscure, but Google Chrome actually includes an in-built version of Flash Player which should be able to use without any problems. You should install Chrome on your PC by downloading it from the Internet, and then allowing it to run on your system. Once it's been loaded, you then need to load it up and let it run. When this loads, browse to YouTube and see if the Flash Player works. If it does, it's good news because it means that you should be able to play the other videos if you are able to install the player on your other browsers.

Step 2 – Close Down AOL Desktop Manager

The next step is to close down the AOL Desktop Manager application. This can be done by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and then selecting the "Processes" tab. After this, you should see a list of applications that your computer will have running. You should order them by name, and then remove any of the ones which start with "AOL" (as these will be operated by the Desktop Manager). This should close down the AOL Dekstop Manager program, and prevent it from blocking the installation of Flash again.

Step 3 – Download & Install Flash Player Manually

The third step is to download & install The Flash program again on your system. This should enable the program to be installed on your computer because of the way in which it will not be blocked by the "AOL Desktop Manager" application.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry

The last step is to clean out any registry errors that your computer may have had. A registry cleaner is a tool that's been designed by programmers to scan through your PC and fix any of the possible problems that Windows will have inside. This is a common reason why Windows will not be able to install programs onto your system, making it vital that you're able to fix any of the potential registry errors that your computer could have. To do this, you should download a registry cleaner program and let it scan & fix any of the problems that your PC may have.