How to Organize Your Jewelry

Jewelry has a way of becoming this unsightly mass of tangled earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. They get damaged and lost, so what can you do about it? It is time to invest in a jewelry organizer.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also available in expensive hard wood models, but you can also get by with cheap plastic varieties. There are a number of jewelry boxes and organizers to choose from.

The most popular is the traditional jewelry box. It is usually made of finished wood and has several drawers to organize the jewelry. Jewelry boxes are great for display. They can be very detailed and beautiful.

Another jewelry organizer is the jewelry armoire. They are usually very beautifully crafted and are made to be incorporated into your décor. Most are moderately priced and made of solid wood. However, you can find cheaper models composed of pressed wood. These are still pretty nice and can be very beautiful. Armoires are usually very large and are ideal if you have a large amount of jewelry. They are also nice because they have swinging doors to store necklaces in a hangings position, the best storage method for these pieces.

Also, jewelry wall mounted organizers are close relatives of the armoires. Like the armoire, they are made to incorporate into your furniture set. They save space by being mounted to a wall. They are usually about the same as an armoire without the legs.

Closet organizers are a great space saver also. Generally, these are about the cheapest methods of storing your jewelry. Since these organizers will spend their lives out of sight, they are made of cheap pressed wood or plastic. They tend to be drawers that can be stacked on top of each other, so you can buy the number of drawers you need without over spending. Another type of closet organizer is the hanging organizer. It is constructed of a hanger attached to clear plastic pockets. This makes finding your jewelry through the clear plastic a snap.

If you travel a lot then a travel organizer is a must have. They tend to be leather bound or plastic with a handle attached to the top. Here again, these types of organizers come in a variety of sizes. If you want to be more inconspicuous with your jewelry when traveling, then you consider a jewelry roll. They are small cloth pouches that can be rolled up and stored in your suit or purse.