Factors in Choosing a Laptop Bag

If you've just dropped several hundred dollars or even several thousand dollars on a laptop, you need to also invest in a good laptop bag. If you are going to be using your laptop, you will be taking the bag with you everywhere. It should look good, to you at least, be transported easily, and protect the laptop. Many people downplay the appearance of the laptop bag over practicality, but this is not necessary. Of course, you will not get something that is basically non-functioning because it is cute, but if you are going to have it for a while, it should look stylish and go with your style.

Here are some questions to consider when purchasing a new laptop case: Do you want to have just your laptop in this bag, and carry your backpack and purse separately? Do you want everything in this one super bag? Do you want a solar panel to charge your laptop and other accessories? You will want to know your priorities in a laptop bag before you start shopping around.

There are several elements of design to think about. Some bags you carry like a briefcase. Other are over the shoulder messenger type bags or backpacks. Still others need to go into a bag or backpack. Which of these will best suit your needs?

You will need protection as well. You want something soft cushioning the laptop and something hard as an outer shell. Everyone is sentenced to bumps and accidents. A strong laptop is insurance against accidents. You also want something at least minimally water resistant. I would not go canoeing with even a water resistant laptop case, but it should protect your laptop in heavy rain.

If you are looking at getting a solar laptop bag, there are a few things you will need to seriously consider. Most solar bags have a strong laptop holder and a solar cell that can charge your laptop or accessories, like cell phones. Most can only charge accessories and are not strong enough to charge the actual laptop. Those that are powerful enough to charge the laptop will need a lot of sun for each charge. If you are a heavy laptop user, this will be a supplementary charge and will never meet all of your computer charging needs.

Although many people will minimize the fashion and design of a laptop bag, there are enough options out there that you should be able to consider it. You will be carrying it around with you everywhere, looking at it every day. Also, when a laptop bag looks like a laptop bag, it is more prone to theft than when it looks like a backpack or a messenger bag or even a large purse.