Locate New York Office, Retail and Industrial Space in the Heart of Manhattan

Most Manhattan Doctors favor notably affluent Park Avenue, Central Park West. Egypt Central Park South; these locales tend to attract wealthy patients who value location above all else.

Trendy Tribeca and SoHo are great neighborhoods that tend to attract more young people who are concerned about their image. Clothing boutiques, architectural firms, advertising agencies, and restaurants all do well here where the goal to is to be seen at the latest hot spot. It may seem trite, but it's important for modern New York Natives to be in on the next big thing, preferred before the masses hear about it!

Tourists on the other hand are content to spend a few hours on Fifth Avenue one of the largest attractions in Manhattan. For a woman visiting New York City for the week there's nothing more exciting, not to mention expensive, about buying a Coach Bag or a Gucci Bag. Families are shameless when it comes to capturing New York Moments on camera. You'll see them flock to The Empire State Building and Trump Tower in droves to collect proof that they were here.

Daffy's Visit Britain, and Vega Plus Capital Partners recently leased office and retail space on Fifth Avenue through IGDNYC, Inc.

Most out-of-towns can not pass up a Broadway Show, like Avenue Q, Beauty and the Beast, Mama Mia !, The Lion King, The Producers, or, Spamalot . They also love to shop and protect their investments. Now they can check their ports at Gilder Gagnon Howe & Co., or Archstone-Smith Operating Trust.

If your business is financial in nature, you might want to consider relocating to downtown Manhattan, home to The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Wall Street; your money minded address is sure to impress your clients. They'll feel safer knowing you're in the heart of the financial mecca and are more likely to invest or play the stock market.