Make-up Kit – What Should it Contain?


A make-up kit is indicative for every woman. It does not have to be that fancy black box with various shades of eyeshades and lipsticks that you never really prefer. It can just be a box of your favorite choices thrown together. So, what are the bare necessities that your make up kit should contain?

i) Foundation

The Foundation is not just the base that you work upon but it is also the base of good make-up. If you mess it up, whatever else you do will be no good. I personally prefer mineral or powder based foundations. I do not like the liquid ones as I always feel they make me look cakey. And the golden rule for the right look is blend … blend … blend!

ii) Blusher

Most people ignore the blush and so do I on normal days. However, whenever I go out, especially to party, I find it indicative. And again here, I prefer the powder based ones.

iii) Eye-shadow

Most people in India ignore the eye-shadow or stick to only pink. Pink does look great but I think its time to break out of the stereotype. Last year, for my brother-in-law's wedding, I wore a beautiful grand pink saree. I got my make up done professionally at VLCC, Chennai.

Veena at VLCC is a real expert on eyes. It is said that she can give the perfect brow shape to any person. She started work on my eyes and since they were shut, I had no idea what she was doing to them till she completed the look. OMG! She keep me a smoky eye look with a green eyeshadow.

"But my dress is pink," I squealed.

"Green eyes & pink dress look wonderful together. Just wait and see," she said.

It was too late to do anything else, so I left it at that. At the party, each and everyone commented on how great I looked, with a special mention on my eyes.

iv) Mascara

Mascara adds a silent 'oomph' to any face and it is an absolute essential in your make up kit []. In fact, according to me, mascara and lip gloss are daily necessities.

v) Lipstick, Lip-gloss and Lip-liner

A lipstick is also a great accessory that is a real must. The best part is you can wear it anywhere, everywhere and make your statement. Wear a nude shade to a funeral, brown to your office, maroon to a simple party or red to a wedding. Add a lip gloss on it to give it more permanence and shine. Define your lips with a lip liner to give an even clearer look.

The above are the most basic necessities that you require. Apart from this, you also need proper tools to apply all this. My kit also has a kajal, eyebrow pencil, Vaseline and little other stuff.

What does your kit contain?