Fashion Jewelry as Party Favors for a Girls Theme Celebration


One of the easiest ideas you can come up with to put into your loot bags is fashion jewelry. Fashion jewelry includes beads, plastic rings, light up jewelry, plastic pendants and more, as long as it’s colorful and makes a bold statement. Usually this type of party jewelry can be picked up at a fairly low price so buying lots of it for your party loot bags isn’t going to take too much out of your pocket.

Beads and beaded necklaces are metallic multicolored fun for your Mardi Gras party, or even a New Year’s Eve party. Guests love to collect the beads and compare how many they got with each other. Beaded necklaces come in many sizes, but usually you’ll find thirty three inch beads, forty two inch bead and forty eight inch beaded necklaces. Just pick out the set that suits you most. You can also find batches of faux pearl necklaces that look so pretty the guests won’t believe they aren’t real. These pearl necklaces make great gift items for movie parties or Christmas parties.

There are also lots of necklaces with large pendants on them to give out at your parties. These pendants are available in many sizes and shapes. They can be sterling silver bulldogs or mini multicolored disco balls. You’ll find there are many forms of the peace sign necklace, neon plastic peace signs, large metallic peace signs, mini metallic peace signs and silver bling peace signs. There are also peace sign earrings for your ears.

Speaking of earrings there are nifty little LED magnetic lights that can be used as earrings. They are round, about three fourths of an inch in diameter and come with a strong magnetic back that will hold the LED light even through the skin of your ear.

Other light up fashion jewelry can be found to rock your party guests with. Lightsticks and glow sticks have evolved into pendants and necklaces that you can use during the course of the party and after they stop glowing you’ll still be able to see them turn phosphorescent under a black light.