4 Potent Pinstripe Shirt Essentials


Pinstripe shirts are taking over the men's fashion kingdom, and Esquire magazine is announcing the change for the latest improvements in men's fashion.

Now, pinstripes are not for every personality, but if you are rising in your company, or a professional who is ahead of the overtime herd, then pinstripe shirts and ties are the key ingredients to put you ahead and create that powerful savvy image you need .

Yes, the rumors are true – the reliable white shirts for men are giving out to pin stripe shirts with all known styles of lines and colors, allowing men to pick and pick out the look they wish to have.

There is only one golden rule you must never break in the domain of pinstripes: Of the suit, shirt and tie, no greater than 2 can be in pinstripe. If you carry out that fatal faux pas of all 3 in pin stripes, you can lose some of your honor and respect swifter than a Hollywood leading man out for a Saturday night.

Do you like pin stripes that are barely visible? No problem! Or maybe something a little more spectacular, with stronger lines and brighter colors?

The major designers, like Gucci, Hugo Boss, Liste Rouge, and many others all carry a wide selection of styles and fashions for the new pinstripe shirt invasion.

Leading tailors like Jonathan Trumbull or Lingerie By Susan are stocking up on their pin stripe arsenal, so you can find exactly what you are seeking and get the expression that matches you perfectly.

For the short or stocky, or short and beefy, pinstripes are like a gift from paradise, making your appearance look longer and slimmer.

Men are no longer safe secure with plain boring solid colors like blue and white. Now, with pinstripes, men can combine and match to have many ever-changing visual aspects, challenging women in the competition of fashion in the office.

If you are wearing a pin stripe suit, you will want to make sure the shirt you choose goes well with it. Pinstripes of the wrong type can clash, you know.

It is best if you bring along any pinstripe suit you have when you pick out the shirts with pinstripes – all good tailors worth their salt will pick the very best matches for you and your attire.

Naturally, if you desire to don your solid color suit, and wear a pinstripe shirt below, that works well too. You may even sport a pinstripe tie with a pinstripe shirt against a solid color suit – in fact, it's a very powerful combination when done right.

If you have the common blue suits so popular in our culture, you can still stick to white shirts (a timeless classic), only now you are advised to add in a fashionable pinstripe that can highlight your somatotype extremely well.

With gray suits, you can choose a wider assortment of solid color shirts, and the pin stripes can be extended in to more color choices, so you can really express your style in charcoal.

Remember, with colors, you usually need the tie to pull out the colors of the suit's stripes. Do that, and you'll have that expression of sophisticated harmony that engineers trust and esteem like no other accessory can do.