Microsoft Certification – An Introduction


If you have a tooth ache you never want to visit a general physician, your car get hit by a truck you won’t take it to a nearby mechanic until or unless you know he is a expert.the reason is you don’t believe in anyone till you know they are specialized in their field.Same is the case with companies seeking IT professional. Employers only want employees who excel in there are of expertise and can stand out among other employees. This is the main reason IT professional are rushing towards certification courses of Microsoft.

Microsoft certification is in fact a validation and solid proof that you have strong grip on skills required to perform your job effectively and efficiently.the Microsoft certification programs are designed in a way that supports office milieu, scientific calculation and desktop technicians.

Microsoft certification provides with many different courses.lets have an overview of the courses:

MCTS: Microsoft certified technology specialist course give an in-depth knowledge and specialized information on Microsoft technologies.

MCITP: Microsoft certified IT professional helps in, planning, installing, sustaining and optimizing IT infrastructures

MCPD: Microsoft certified professional developer gives an insight on skills needed for excelling in manipulative, mounting and deploying applications for specific job duty

MCAP: This certification program helps in effectively relating frameworks and methodologies to create architecture.

MCLC: The Microsoft Certified Learning Consultant   prepares the IT professional in designing and distributing modified learning solutions.

MCSA: A M. Certified Systems Administrator helps in controlling the network and systems environments that are based on the Windows operating systems.

MCDBA: A M. Certified Database Administrator excels in designing, implementing, and administrating Microsoft SQL Server databases.

MOS: A Microsoft Office Specialist is the one that is internationally recognized for enhancing the knowledge and expertise in using advanced skills for Microsoft desktop software.

MCAP: A Microsoft Certified Application Professional helps in demonstrating skills related to advanced cross-industry and cross-job role using the 2007 Microsoft Office system and server sites.

MCBMSS: – a Microsoft certified business management solutions specialist helps you become a specialist in demonstrating skills related to Microsoft Dynamics and related business products.

Well.microsft certifications help you a lot in achieving your target position in the company and adding credentials to trust your client and employer has in doubt getting Microsoft certification is not an easy task but when there is a will, there is if you really want to run ahead of time and want to attain some position in your company then just go for it.