Buying Wholesale Mp3 Players – Starting Your Own Business in the Electronics Industry – Part 1


In my years of selling electronics online, I have had a good hand of folks asking me about the "Wholesale Mp3 Players" industry and how they can go about getting started with their own business. What some might consider a simple buy and sell business, there are a lot of factors that go into proper planning and business preparation if one expects to open a real full time business in this industry.

Since I have been selling Mp4 Mp3 players & electronics for some time now, this is where my main experience is branched off from. These same wholesale principals can be used in any other wholesale product industry of your choice.

So let's say you have picked your desired product to sell, mp3 players. The first thing here would be to set your business plan, write it down from the foundation up. This would begin with a question such as where will you be selling your wholesale mp3 players? Sure you can figure online, but have you setup your portals and designed a product page? If you have not thought out an exact system to gain exposure to your online business then you have already taken a half step back.

Unless you have an extensive marketing experience I would not recommend jumping straight to the online game with out a system in place for your marketing efforts. This can also consist of your marketing budget if you are not planning to take a free method approach. Some other places you could sell your products at are the flea market, with online classifieds located with in your area, and / or you can also put in an ad in your local newspaper. Your options are quite open and some will work more effectively then others. Using trial and error you can find out and understand what works best for you.

So now you have your business plan set up with the "where" to sell. Now there would be a good time to decide which items are currently hot on the market. The thing I love about electronics and mp3 players is that they are all typically a hot commodity through out the year and there are always new gadgets coming out every week. You can do some keyword research to help narrow down which products are being looked for online. With the data you gather, you can also put it to use for your offline efforts.

If you are independently working solely for yourself try keeping the items you wholesale in multiples of the same unit. Do not try to jump out there and become the next big consumer electronics retailer by offering different categories of electronics. This will only lead to feeling overwhelmed, which can break you down and cause you to fail. Simplicity is key here! With multiple of the same unit you can not make the mistake in sending the wrong item, or making an exchange for another since you will have a large amount of the same. Focus on growing credibility and being in profit; once this has occurred slowly beginning to expand with other items.