ADT Protects Your Family and Home

Many people are under the false claim that crime can only happen to the 'other guy'. Statistics show that the number of 'other guys' is increasing, and this is just one reason you must protect yourself, family, and home against criminal elements as well as other threats to your family's well being. Home Security System gives you the satisfaction in knowing that your loved ones and home are protected 24-hours a day from devastating incidents like burglaries, medical emergencies, fire and smoke damage, and more. ADT provides a blanket of protection for you and yours with the latest advances in technology and equipment. Their services include protection against burglaries and break-ins, fire and smoke detection, medical emergencies, carbon monoxide level detections, and GPS tracking for vehicular emissions.

A team of licensed professional technicians will install and test all your equipment for wireless uninterrupted security protection. Your system will feature a Master Control panel with 2-way voice, 24 wireless zones with 2 being hardwired, a 2-way talking touchpad, a handheld touchpad, and a keychain touchpad, a built-in siren, window signs and a yard sign , and a 24-hour backup battery. Prominently displayed yard and window signs often serve as deterrents against crime. Sensors are placed around the perimeter of the home as well as in high-traffic locations inside the home. When the alarm sounds, signals are transmitted immediately to one of five Command centers. These centers are strategically located in different time zones so as to provide person-to-person communications in times of need. Once an emergency is verified, they will automatically contact the appropriate authorities for prompt dispatch to your address. Arming the system is simple – a touch of the keypad – and panic buttons may be used to summon police, medical, and fire personnel without fully arming the system. Technology has improved sensors to such a degree that sensors can differentiate between animal and human body temperatures and can detect the presence of an intruder before entry onto your property. Specific information is then transmitted to the Command center that pinpoints the exact location of an intruder. Command centers are in full operation at all times – even in the worst of conditions– as each one is staffed with additional personnel with powerful backup computers and power sources. You, your family, and your home will receive protection and services regardless of the situation – floods, major power failures, hurricanes, computer failures, tornadoes, or other emergencies.

Property values ​​increase in homes with Home Security System protection, and a home-owner is entitled to a 20 percent savings in annual home-owner insurance premiums. Do not postpon your decision any longer – act today!