How to Bag a Turkey with Portable Bow Hunting Blinds


Turks are very alert animals. That's why it is so difficult to bag them. If you want to bag a turkey the next time, be sure to get the right bow hunting blinds. They are so important because using the wrong blinds will get you blind sided.

Imagine using nylon bow hunting blinds with things like Velcro window closures etc. That's the wrong thing to do because the nylon material is so noisy, the turkey will be long gone before you get a chance to shoot.

So what's a good bow hunting blind? Choose bow hunting blinds that can "camouflage your movement" when drawing your bow. Use a portable bow hunting blind made of lightweight cloth for good results. This type of hunting blinds can easily and quickly be set up where ever you want them. And they are noiseless.

Many hunters do not even know that they are making noises when moving around. The portable bow hunting blinds have plenty of openings and can hide movements. Portable blinds allow hunters to get a feel for how turkeys behave, so they can become acquainted with turkey's natural movements.

You should set up larger bow hunting blinds in areas where the turkeys strut, feed, and roost. These larger blinds should be set up a couple of weeks before season. And it should be camouflaged with vegetation native to the area.

If you set up your hunting blinds only a few days in advance, it may still be ok. Turkeys normally will not notice it although it is better to be more prepared and set it much earlier. But where do you set up these blinds? It is a good idea to set them up near large bales of hay or near the center of a field, since turkeys like to be in such areas.

To save money, you can actually build your own portable, turkey hunting blinds. You can get lots of patterns online but it will take some time to do it yourself, of course. Building your own portable blinds will be reliably inexpensive and extremely effective too.

Just be sure to build one with at least 8 shooting ports. You should use a fabric like lightweight cotton, but just to be sure, check that it makes as little noise as possible when you rub it together or shake it. Note that it is equally important that your Bow hunting blind is as quiet as possible.

Lastly, try to make yourself more comfortable by using seat cushions. When you place your blind in just the right place, it will be much easier to remain still. That way, you will not scrape the game away from your blind.

It may take hours for a turkey to finally come your way. You do not want to throw this rare chance away by making noises that will scare the turkey away!