The Hottest Trends in Shoes for Spring 2011


Right now most of us can not wait for the snow to melt so that we can step into spring. The hottest trends in shoes for spring 2011 are very feminine. Good news for those who do not enjoy killer heals, is that we are looking at the return of trendy footwear with lower heels.

The best news yet is that you can swap or sell your old shoes on a site dedicated specifically for that. So, if the shoe does not fit, there is no need for it to be resigned to the back of the cupboard forever. Instead, it can be swapped for something you really like or you can sell it and buy the season's sassiest shoes with your profits.

Embellishments are big this season. While you are looking for the perfect pair of footwear, pop in the shoe clips and accessories category. Here you will find amazing floral clips to add to your favorite sandals.

Some of the season's hottest high heel sandals, flats, thongs and wedges come instantly embellished with lilies, poppies, rosettes and butterflies. These floral shoes can take you from the beach, to the mall and an evening out.

A simple outfit can be taken to a new level with spring's shoe trends. Accessorizing casual capri-pants, jeans or shorts with floral spring shoes is an absolute must for the fashionista.

Where colors are concerned, the darker neutrals are almost as fashionable as the lighter neutrals. For the more flamboyant amongst us, pinks and reds are in this season. When you visit an online store to buy your shoes, do not shy away from blues, greens and purples. Your shoes will stand out in a crowd.

Many online swappers are trading or selling their shoes from last season and replacing them with wood, shells, cork, jute and raffia. These natural elements are big this season.