Your Bean Bag Chair: Tips On Cleaning


One of the big advantages of owning a bean bag chair is that it is a cinch to keep clean. Why? Because you can remove the cover and machine wash it or hand wash it, depending on the fabric. You can not do that with your sofa. Taking good care of your chair will extend its life and obviously, its beauty.

The covers will be typically made out of cotton, chenille, heavy polyester, canvas, denim, or nylon, and they can be gently washed in a cold cycle. Leave the beans in their inner liner. We do not advise trying to remove the beans.

If your bean bag chair is covered in vinyl, leather, or faux leather, simply wipe the chair clean with a damp sponge. You can use warm water and a mild detergent on a cloth to spot clean the chair. Do not use abrasive cleaners because they will damage the fabric. You have to be careful with some household cleaners. Solvents remove plasticizers which can make the vinyl brittle.

You can use a soft brush with some mild soapy water on stubborn dirty spots. Always wipe the spot dry with a clean dry cloth. Never immerse the bean bag chair in water.

Outdoor bean bag chairs are usually made of heavy nylon. You can clean them with a brush and mild detergent. Always remember to dry the area with a clean dry cloth. If you have a very dirty chair, then you can use an automotive specialy cleaner, such as a convertible top cleaner. It'll work well with nylon. Do not dry clean faux suede or microsuede, or any sueded fabric without the care label specifically states you can do it. If you have a removable cover, then take it off the bean bag chair, and wash it in a gentle cycle in cold water.

To preserve the life of your chair, keep it on a smooth surface, such as a wood floor or carpet. Also, buy Fido his own chair. Yes, pets LOVE bean bag cushions (Some are made especially for cats and dogs). The better quality manufacturers, such as Fatboy, will use very tough fabric, so pets using your chair would not be such an issue. But why chance having the fabric punctured by your pet? Also, do not jump up and down on the chair, (not that you would) because you can split the seams. Be careful that a belt buckle, or anything with sharp metal does not come into contact with your chair.

In the USA, bean bag chairs come with safety locking zips: a very important feature. The beans are dangerous if ate. The safety locking zips will protect young children and pets from possible contact.

Take good care of your bean bag chair, and you'll have years of comfy good sitting.

– Joan Saloomey