Turquoise Jewelry – Warmth And Elegance For Centuries

There is no arguing about the beauty of turquoise, and in particular, turquoise jewelry. It gives off a warmth and elegance that few other gems can come close to matching.

Native Americans were arguably the experts when it comes to knowing about turquoise jewelry. They called this precious stone the "sky stone". Turquoise was their jewelry centerpiece so to speak, and they believed that it bought on good luck to anyone who wore it.

While turquoise was surely held sacred by the Indians, it is also popular around the world in places such as Russia, Europe, Africa, among other countries.

Considered to be sacred, turquoise and jade are also precious in Maya and in the Incas. Even centuries ago, the Greeks thought that turquoise jewelry had the ability to provide wisdom, and give you better vision.

Even today, turquoise has its spot among women everywhere. Amazingly, turquoise is not as expensive as gemstones like diamonds or rubies. It is really very affordable to the average person, and can be found in most personal jewel boxes.

Turquoise is also the birthstone for anyone born in the month of October. It makes for a perfect birthday gift, but does not need to be limited to only October. Women everywhere love this pale blue gem. It can make for a good wedding or anniversary gift as well.

So, if you are looking for a jewel that is not only beautiful, but one that has been around for centuries, then you need the warmth and beauty of turquoise jewelry.