What Happens To Your Conference Bags?

Conference bags are more than just containers for "stuff" you get or need at a conference. They have become status symbols in the business world. The conference bags that you hand out at the conference that you host will go home with your conference attendees and travel with them – most likely to another conference. Have you ever surprised what happens to your conference bags after the conference is over? Here are some of the uses that we've seen them put to after the conference.

You take them to another conference, of course!

According to Mark Whitmore, writing at DNJOnline, conference bags are a mark that you were cool enough to be invited to attend a high profile conference. As such, you must use it at the conferences you attend over the next year. While the writing is tongue in cheek, the info is spot on. Conference bags often make appearances at other conferences across your industry, making them a great way to gain additional publicity and exposure for your company, university or event.

They get reused to tote other things.

No one ever throws away a canvas or cotton bag. It's just wasteful. Instead, the conference bag you give away to attendees will get used, often daily, to carry things back and forth to the office, tote kit to the gym or carry books back and forth to school. That makes it a great promotional vehicle for branding your company or spreading the word about a message.

They show up on Flickr and blogs all over the net.

No, seriously. Do a search for "conference bags" on Google and see how many references you turn up to the cool conference bags that are handed out at conferences. They're spotted in photographs of protest rallies, airline wait queues, supermarket queues and on the beach. Conference attendees trade stories about what they found in their conference bags, and which conference hands out the best conference bags. Pick the right conference bags for your conference, and you could become a net legend.

All kidding side …

The one thing to be learned from the joking on the net about conference bags is that they are certainly effective. They get noticed, they get used, and they do spread your message. If you're putting together a conference of any sort, the conference bags that you choose can go home with your delegations where they'll be reused and reused, publicizing your event after the fact. If your conference is an annual event, this is nothing but good news.

Conference bags range from plastic carrier bags picked up at the entrance to the conference to elaborate and expensive Samsonite luggage. The bags that seem to get the most reuse though, are strapless canvas tote bags and shoulder strap kit bags. If you're looking for the right conference bag for your conference, you might keep that in mind.

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