Speed ​​Up a Slow Computer – How to Make Your Computer Run Faster Than Ever

There is no doubt that computers have changed the world and are here to stay; we use them all the time and the whole point of technology is to make our work easier and faster. Sometimes, however, we feel the need for speed and wonder how to speed up a slow computer. If you are wondering how to make your computer run faster than ever, there are certainly things you can do to turn that tortoise into a hare.

First things first. Clean up your programs and files. When you go to certain websites, they may leave cookies behind. You may have used three different printers and two different cameras since you bought your PC; those items require programs to run. You may have downloaded some programs that you thought looked really cool, but you really never use. Get rid of all this stuff. Go to your control panel and use the delete programs option to get rid of all outdated or unused programs. Go to your Internet tools option and clean up your Internet history and delete cookies.

This first step will probably speed up your slow computer and make it run faster, but that's not all. Next, defragment your computer. When information is stored in your computer, sometimes it gets put in all different places. Running a defrag puts like items together and makes makes your computer run faster than ever by making it work less to find all the information needed to run a program or follow your commands of whatever type.

After completing these two steps, you are almost guaranteed to speed up your slow computer and make it run faster than ever, but there is one more thing you really should do. You should clean up your registry. You do this by installing a reliable registry cleaning software program. Of all the ways to speed up a slow computer, this last step is the probably the most important way to make your computer run faster than ever.