Sewing Doll Clothing Patterns


Sewing doll clothing is a hobby enjoyed by many. One might even be able to start up ones own home sewing enterprise very easily by offering unique clothes for dolls. There is a big need for darling doll clothes, especially for the ever popular 18 inch dolls. Here is a short instruction guide on sewing doll clothes for beginners.

Begin With a Pattern – You could create your own, but it is a lot simpler to purchase doll clothes designs. Attempting to trim down full-size patterns to the doll-size one wants is nearly impossible. There are many low-priced doll-specific patterns obtainable for stitching, knitting, crocheting, and other handcrafts. We offer a nice mixture of basic as well as greater challenging patterns to simplify the search for you!

Get the Tools – Although it is not an applicable implementation, owning and using a sewing machine, does make a number of tasks simpler. As an example, sewing a hem is a lot easier with a machine. Other jobs can be done just as simply by hand. The little proportions of the clothing for smaller dolls gives itself to hand sewing. Other implements you'll need are the same as those you'd be using for any sewing undertaking. You'll also need needles, scissors, thread, a pencil, measuring tape, a pin cushion, and stick pins. If you store all of your tools in a box of some type, it helps make stitching doll clothes easier. Some organizing boxes are specifically created for storing thread spools and other implements.

Choosing Fabrics – You could use just about any type of fabric to make clothing for dolls. Remnants of fabric remaining after larger undertakings are perfect. Of course, it depends on the proportions of the doll. More fabrics one could pick include old clothes, linens, and curtains. Material remnants can also be purchased for a minimal price. Some materials are easier to work with than other fabrics. For example, denim is stiff and can be challenging to work with. However, they have created some wonderful light weight denims now which are more appropriate for sewing doll clothing. Most all cottons work really nicely, and utilizing fabrics with blends assists keep them wrinkle free. If you are considering starting a home sewing business stitching and marketing doll clothing, consider what materials are easiest to work with and make one of a kind garments that will be called for.

Closures – Crafters that have an existing home sewing business often choose Velcro or snaps instead of buttons when a young child will be playing with the outfit. If the item is going to be used for show, for example to dress an antique Barbie, buttons can be put to use. But normal sized buttons are going to be much too big, and look out of proportion on most dolls. Cloth dolls are an exemption. If you do choose to utilize buttons or snaps and your little one will be playing with the clothing, be sure they are firmly attached onto the clothes. Otherwise, there is a risk of gagging on tiny parts. Velcro closures are a safe alternative. They work very well for back-closing blouses and other articles. The impediment is that it does catch in the doll's hair and stockings.

Decorations – Beads, lace, embroidery, appliqu├ęs and other decorative items add the final touch when you're sewing doll clothes. The little touches make the garment unique.