Macbook Vs Regular Laptops


Apple is the most popular brand when it comes to the line of mobiles, laptops, computers, music players and so on. There are the other brands of laptops as well which may not be up to the mark of apple, yet good enough to use. The Macbook series is one of the latest hits of apple that reveals two subcategories known as the Macbook pro and the Macbook air. The cost of these two Macbook series is somewhere around $ 2500 and have the latest features inbuilt in them. In addition, they unique black and silver ranges of exterior give them a sleek and stylish look.

The Apple laptops are way beyond the reach of many people for their high prices. The Macbook Pro in itself has many subcategories with minor changes differenting from each other. One such is the Apple Macbook Pro MC118LL / A. This model runs at a frequency of 2.53 Giga Hertz, uses an Intel Duo Core 2 Processor, and has a total of 4GB of RAM. Certain other laptops have a hard drive of 320GB, where the Apple has that of 250GB.

However, the Apple laptops are known to have a battery life for nearly 7 hours while the normal laptops are known to have an approximate battery life of 4 hours. This is why the Apple Macbook is known to have power up batteries for extra life. A normal apple laptop may cost around $ 1700 to $ 2500 whereas the other ranges of may vary from $ 1100 to $ 1500. An approximate difference of approximately $ 600 exists between Apple and other laptops. Some of the highlighting features of the Apple Macbook are the illuminated up keyboard and also the multi touch gestures.

Even though these features are excellent, most of them are not willing to spend an extra $ 600 for these features alone. The other normal laptop has certain features like that of charging the device through the USB port while the laptop is in the standby mode or switched off. There are a few other models that are known for durability and can even last up to more than 5 years.