Jigsaw Puzzle Picture Frame

Do not throw out those old puzzles when you lose a piece. Save them for these cool picture frames. They make great gifts. You can add paint, glitter, or any fuzzy, sparkling, or other crafty stuff that you want. This is your masterpiece!


o An old newspaper
o A picture
o A piece of cardboard just a little bit bigger than your picture. (Do not worry about cutting your cardboard perfectly straight.
o New or used puzzle pieces (somewhere around 20 to 50 pieces; you'll need enough pieces to cover the cardboard frame)
o Paint, glitter, or other crafty stuff to add to the frame
o Craft glue
o A 4 "piece of ribbon or yarn

Step 1
Lay your puzzle pieces out on the newspaper.

If you want a painted frame, paint each piece the same color or you can paint them as many different colors as you like. It's up to you.

If you want a glittery frame, spread glue over each piece and sprinkle glitter on them. Do not put glue on too many pieces before you add glitter or your glue will dry and the glitter will not stick.

Let the pieces dry completely.

Step 2
Glue your picture in the middle of the cardboard.

Step 3
Glue the puzzle pieces on the cardboard around your picture. Here's where you can glue on any of those other crafty things you might have picked out.

Step 4
Glue the ribbon or yarn on the back side of your frame for a hanger.

That was easy, was not it? Now go use your creativity. Try to think of different types of frames you can make. Your friends and family will love them because you made them!