3 Secrets For Notebook Laptop Battery Care


Did you know that your notebook laptop battery has feelings too? It does.

  • It feels heat in extremely warm environments.
  • It feels over used when running on empty.
  • It feels under-utilized when always left with a full charge.

It even feels the cooling bad resting gently below its base. At least that is the story in a good environment. Unfortunately laptop battery life can quickly turn dismal when the laptop battery maintenance is lacking.

Here's how to give your laptop battery care it wants so that it will be ready to function next time you need it in a pinch.

*** Cool Down ***

The last thing you probably need is to buy something more. After all, that's probably why you want to know how to extend the life of your notebook laptop in the first place.

It's true.

You do not need a cooling plate for your laptop, but it sure does help for both your lap and the device itself. However, a little duct tape trick can work wonders even without a notebook cooler.

Did I say duct tape? I meant to say CD case.

Simply take your CD case and prop it under the backside of your laptop while letting it rest on a flat surface. In this way the heat is able to escape much easier and your less likely to get burned.

*** Speaking Of Heat ***

Try to keep your laptop out of the sun or hotter environments. Yes, you may need to work on that tan, but subjecting a laptop to this type of environment does nothing for the longevity of the laptop battery life.

*** Optimized Usage ***

Laptop batteries do not enjoy full tanks any more than running on empty. It finds its best comfort when able to locate a happy medium zone somewhere in the middle of its available battery power. Therefore, aim to keep your laptop about half full of charge whenever possible in order for it to reach notebook laptop battery nirvana.