Relic Hunting

We all have dreamed of finding rare pirate treasure on a beach or in a cave. Or of finding a fortune on a secret, hidden stretch of land. With your Whites metal detector you can start to live out those childhood fantasies. This post will serve as a guide as you make your wish come true.

Lets start with a couple of "technical terms" that you may encounter on your hunts:

Relic hunter – a person who searches for old relics. Anything from weapons, equipment, tools, jewelry etc. The older the relic is, the more ecstatic the relic hunter will be. Just like a coin hunter, a relic hunter will spend hours doing research and will go on the hunt soon after. They too will know what they are looking for and where to look.

Coinshooter – a person who searches for old coins. The older the coin, the happier a coinshooter is. They will typically spend hours doing research and will go on the hunt. They will know where to look and what to look for. Coinshooting can be seen as a more targeted relic hunter.

A novice may want to skip the boring research and go straight to hunting. Simply having a Whites metal detector is not enough when going relic hunting. How will you know if you have something that is worth keeping if you have not done your homework.

The best place to begin using your Whites metal detector on your relic hunt is in your local forest or woods. Look for old stone walls and foundations; make note of them when you see them. When one site look for deep impressions in the ground.

While in the woods, check for paths. If there is a clear path in the woods, that means it has been transported by many people for a long period of time. Search along roads too, as roads usually began as paths.

Be sure to check along waterways too. Water was the first form of traveling in many places, so you may be able to find some cool finds. Look near old marinas and ask around for old fishing spots, and swimming holes. In the old days there was not always a swimming pool available, so people would strip down and jump right in, sometimes leaving behind their belongings.

And do not be afraid to get wet! Go out when it is raining. There will be less people out and the falling rain can make digging easier and can help bring items to surface. If you do buy a water cover to protect you Whites metal detector.

Last but not least, where you decide to hunt, if you are on private property, get permission. Written permission is best and do not be afraid to share your finds with the property owner.