World's Thinnest Dell Adamo XPS Laptop Review


After several weeks of teasing, Dell has finally launched the Adamo XPS laptop. You will certainly fall in love with this sexier Adamo laptop which is a brand-new Adamo model.

The pictures of Adamo released by Dell earlier really intrigued the readers because the laptop was very very thin. Now, its size is known that it is just 9.99mm thick. This world's thinnest laptop has a unique design which will further captivate you. You can not open Dell XPS like other laptops. The keyboard can be opened by sliding a finger on the heat sensing strip on the lid. Slider phones are very common, but slider laptop? This is definitely a welcome addition to the laptop models and Dell takes pride in introducing one such slider laptop for the first time.

The laptop is priced at $ 2000, but it does not mean that you can expect ultra high specification. On windows 7 experience test, the score is 3.3 for this Dell computer. The price you are paying is for the thinnest laptop with slider design that will keep you wonderstruck all the time.

The notebook has 1.4GHz and 1.9GHz dual core Intel ULV processor and 4GB DDR3 RAM. Integrated graphics X4500MHD card makes the laptop quite useful. The 13.4 "WXGA screen is an LED backlit screen. You can buy this computer with 128GB or 180GB SSD capacity depending on your affordability. 4 hours of backup.