How Does Diamond Clarity Affect Its Beauty?


When talking about diamond clarity, you need to understand that each and every diamond has its own distinctive internal characteristics. Jewelers call those internal characteristics inclusions, meaning that something has been included within the stone while it was forming in nature. Every diamond’s internal structure is unique. No two stones are the same, therefore the diamond clarity is a significant factor identifying a specific diamond.

Having said that, you should keep in mind that if a diamond clarity falls into the first eight clarity grades, the stone’s clarity will have little to no effect on its beauty. Only experts can spot any visible differences between diamonds, and, in many cases, only after they have reached the imperfect grades. Even then, it still would be difficult to see any inclusions in the stone without a jeweler’s loupe.

Lots of people incorrectly think the diamond clarity grade has a significant effect on the stone’s sparkle and brilliance. This is just not true. Diamonds’ clarity grade can only slightly affect the stone’s visible appearance except when the diamond is placed into the lowest grade. Some people believe the better the clarity, the more sparkling and brilliant the stone. It could be because of the term clarity itself that causes the confusion. No matter what you think, it’s the accuracy of the cutting that decides how sparkling or brilliant the diamond can be.

Then why the flaw or clarity grade is important to the buyer? It is important because if shows on a relative basis how “clean” the diamond is as this grading will have a considerable effect on the cost. Very clean stones are very rare. The rarer the diamond, the more pricey it is. However, diamonds don’t need to be flawless to be sparkling and beautiful.

As you shop around and compare diamonds, you will discover very sparkling, beautiful diamonds in a large range of clarity grades. Managing the diamond clarity will give you incredible flexibility in acquiring a larger or whiter diamond for your money. You have to keep in mind that no one can see the differences with a naked eye, so make sure you know the specific diamond clarity grade.