What is Web 2.0?

When you work in the web world- in all those social networking sites and with videos sharing sites, and also wikis and blogs-what you use in these cases is a web development and designing facility called the Web 2.0. As the name suggests, it is the second generation technology that helps in redesigning the looks of web sites, redefining ways of interaction, styles of development and the sources of content as well.

The name "Web 2.0" was first coined by Tim O 'Reilly. Web 2.0 helps with communication, secures interoperability, information sharing and collaboration on the world web. Instead of the mere traditional texts and images, web sites are now capable of housing videos and audio systems. Here, the pages are grouped together and tagged, the online visitors can blog and even edit some pages, and add his own comments whenever he likes. In one word therefore, the Web 2.0 creates a friendly interactive environment.

There are certain benefits to be had with the help of Web 2.0. This was designed after the dot-com bubble burst in the early 2001.

o One of the key advantages of Web 2.0 is usability. Here, the web applications look less like web sites and more like desktop applications. Simple interfaces with mild colors and no chaotic patterns, animations or complex logos are used.

o The Web 2.0 allows the users to create their own blogs, share videos, and then create a well linked community.

o You can use social bookmarking in your forums or blog and you will then be able to invite a thousand of visitors to your web page.

o You can gun for the social bookmarking sites that are aimed toward a segment of market like the flicker which will allow you to share photos with your loved ones who stay far away from you.

o When you use Web 2.0 to market your products, you have to realize that the customers of Web 2.0 are varied. Most of them are technology oriented, but some are still unaware of how to scout around in the web pages. You will have to set up easy-to-use web sites for them. Moreover, these clients want safe transactions, and they are looking for someone who will stand by them to support them saying that they are making the right choices. You will have to cater to their needs since it is your responsibility to do to so.

Web 2.0 is very efficient to work in when you are starting off with online business, since it allows you to create the proper relationship with your customers and you also get to use the right tools for your work without much of a hassle.

To squeeze the maximum benefit out of the Web 2.0, you have to follow a Web 2.0 plan that will help you to personalize and participate in peer-to-peer exchange.