Types of Shirts Every Man Should Own


Building up a nice wardrobe is important so you have something to wear for any occasion. Of course, the men's shirt is definitely going to be a staple of your wardrobe, but you'll find that there are many types of shirts available. Wondering what types you should own? Here is a look at some you definitely should add to your wardrobe.

Solid Dress Shirts

One type of men's shirt that every man should have as a part of his wardrobe is a solid dress shirt. You should have several dress shirts in solid colors, such as white or blue. These shirts are for more formal events or they may be worn to work. Often they are worn with sports coats or suits as well.

Patterned Dress Shirts

Once you have a few solid dress shirts in your closet, patterned dress shirts should definitely be added to your closet. Go with simple patterns, such as a nice stripe or check. However, this type of men's shirt should be kept simple. You do not want any patterns that are too complicated or you'll have a tougher time pairing them up with slacks in your wardrobe.

Polo Shirts

Every man should definitely have a few polo shirts to wear as well. Often this type of men's shirt can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. With nice slacks these shirts can look nice, especially if you tuck them in. Of course, when worn untucked with more casual pants, you can go with a more casual look as well. This is why polos are such a great option – they are very versatile.

Comfortable T-Shirts

Of course, you should have a few comfortable t-shirts in the closet as well. While they have no place at work, this type of men's shirt is great for relaxation purposes or days where you're hanging out or playing sports. They are comfortable and you can find some stylish options in tees today. If you do want to wear a t-shirt to a more dressy setting, consider the men's polo shirt mentioned above.

You have many different styles of shirts to choose from today. Solid and pattered shirts, polos and tees are all options for you to choose from. However, these are the basic options you should definitely have as a part of your wardrobe. Whether the occasion is dressy, casual, or active, you'll have something nice to wear.