Teach Your Children About Life With Interactive and Fun Games For Kids


There is nothing more beautiful then a child smiling, it’s akin to the heavens opening and God saying, “You’re a good parent, keep it up.” If we’re not careful however, those smiles can be few and far between since we live in a fast paced world and the days so quickly slip away.

Remember the Harry Chapin Song?

“Cats in the Cradle”

A child arrived just the other day,

He came to the world in the usual way.

But there were planes to catch, and bills to pay.

He learned to walk while I was away.

And he was talking ‘fore I knew it, and as he grew,

He’d say, “I’m gonna be like you, dad.

You know I’m gonna be like you.”

We all have to bills to pay, jobs that demand our time, and deadline that were due yesterday (you’ve got to finish this today or the world will end…. believe me, planet Earth will keep on spinning).

No matter how busy we get, take the time love and interact with your kids.  There is one thing that can never be replaced and that is the time.  Like the proverbial “water under the bridge” once past, it is gone forever.  Make the most of those tender years and fertile minds with some fun games for kids.

It’s not so important what the game is, its the fact you’ll be spending quality time with your children; it might be one-on-one, possibly with a playmate, but the interaction between you and your child is priceless.  One of my distant but loving memories was time spent with my dad on a summer afternoon, we weren’t doing much, simply tossing a Frisbee, but to this day I remember the sun on my shoulders and the smile on my dad’s face.

Flash forward to my own kids, who seem addicted to video games (what’s a dad (or mom) to do)?  Well remember, today’s kids have never known anything except video games, it’s as natural to them as lemonade on a hot summer day.  

So don’t try tearing them away, instead find out what interests your child, then mix in some fun and suddenly the whole family will be smiling over a fun kid’s game.  It’s not magic, just a parent and child creating a bond.

Here’s the trick with video games (this probably won’t work for teenagers, but mine are young), find a game that stimulates the mind and allows interaction.  If the game is for two and there’s a playmate over, this is a perfect way to teach social interaction, “Now Jimmy, play nice, he’s your friend”.

If you visit Amazon and do a search for Toy & Games, you’ll find over 466,000 results… wow daunting isn’t it?  Don’t worry it’s easy to find which are the best, just do a “sort by Average Customer Review”, and you’ll immediately find the games that people (and kids) love.  Take the time to read some of the reviews, then choose one that lets your children have fun, as well as teaching their brains reasoning skills.  Hmmm, maybe I should get one for myself.

Next, (keeping your budget in mind), whip out the trusty debit card and your child’s next game will be winging its way to your doorstep.  When it arrives (and it’s up to you whether it’s a surprise or not), make it an event to remember with cookies and milk, cake and ice-cream or something much more healthy.  The key factor is to enjoy your fun game for kids, when you do, so will your own child and their friends.

Time is a river flowing in only one direction; make sure to spend time with your children.