External Hard Drives – Best Storage Solution

External hard drive is one type of the hard disk drives that is made for the external storage use. Actually, it is connected outside the computer system (desktop & laptop) by USB port or FireWire. It has the main functions like data security, mobility, backup system, and choice to remove the device and take your data. There are 2 kinds of the external hard drives, which are portable hard drive and desktop. In spite of different kinds of external hard drive, however it doesn’t work differently. It very different in the terms of convenience and portable hard drive is much smaller & lighter than the desktop hard drive, and it is made for simple carrying in the pocket, briefcase and purse where no one will steal the information.

Western Digital WD Elements Desktop

3TB,2.5TB,2TB,1.5TB,1TB,500GB, Windows-ready, USB 2.0, with one Year Warranty. It is quieter & smaller than expected and at times I need to touch drive to ensure it’s running. And I like most is it has got no any heating problems.

Western Digital Book Essential USB3.0,2.0

This drive is very smart looking and simple to install without any technical difficulties. It has future proof as it is right now and I will suggest this storage device.”

Seagate Expansion Portable

1.5TB,1TB,750GB,640GB,500GB,320GB,250GB, Windows ready, USB 2.0

“It is the pocket size & lightweight hard drive. It is very small enough for taking it anywhere. Setup is very simple, and no software and driver requirement, it plug and play.”

Western Digital My Passport SE USB3.0,2.0

1TB,750GB, USB 3.0,2.0, Windows ready, Automatic Backup, and 2 Year Warranty “I have divided the drive in three partitions & moved the bulk of image files in it, everything ran very smoothly and easily. I haven’t found any issues with it.”

Toshiba Canvio Basics

It comes with 1TB,750GB,500GB,320GB, 5400 rpm, USB 2.0, 3 Year Warranty and Windows-ready. “The drive is small, modern and lightweight design and it actually works good with laptop, plug and play USB cable. I as well made the partition for Wii and I am happy with it.”

Buffalo Mini Station Stealth HDPCTU2

1TB,640GB,500GB,320GB, Buffalo Tools, USB 2.0, Windows and Mac ready

It is great portable HD I have used as well as has got no problem. It is small size & smart looking and transfer the files between laptop and desktop has done well.”

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex

1.5TB,1TB,750GB,500GB,320GB, USB2.0,3.0, PC and Mac Interchange

“I have the large music CD collection, I just copied it to the external hard drive. Thus, I may keep my CD collection in the safe place for maintaining it in the long time.”

Seagate GoFlex Satellite

500GB, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n), PC and Mac Ready, USB 3.0,2.0, 3Year Warranty

“I am the Mac lover, and this drive works very well with the iPad & iPhone as advertised. I may load song, movies, and pictures once, then play this from all the devices.”