Make WoW Gold for Newbies

Earning gold in WoW can be a tedious and an often frustrating task. Every player needs gold in order to purchase mounts, armour, materials, recipes, and any number of other things to accomplish their goals in the World of Warcraft. Starting out as a new player is even harder than starting an alternate character, because you have no other means of support. The purpose of this Make WoW Gold for Newbies article is to give you a few tips to help ease you into WoW's economy.

The first method this Make WoW Gold for Newbies article looks at is grinding. Grinding is the process of killing a whole lot of something for drops or gold. It also helps you to gain a little extra experience to level up. If you find humanoid mobs you can grind those. They have a good drop rate for cloth which sells well in stacks in the auction house. Other mobs are famous for dropping uncommon items or common items that sell well at the sellers. A quick and easy way to find some good grinding spots is to ask in the game chat. Remember to ask politely and thank anyone who gives you advice.

The second method this Make WoW Gold for Newbies article looks at is questing. Questing is a good way to earn gold as well as level up. It may be quicker for you to complete the green and yellow quests in your quest log, because they're easier than the red quests. You'll also pick up some decent equipment while you quest, which will help to make your character stronger. Do not make the mistake of buying armour early on. It is a waste of your money that you should be saving for later. Even when you start to get up into the higher levels it's best to only buy new equipment every 10 levels.

The third method this Make WoW Gold for Newbies article looks at is bag size. The types of bag you carry are really important. Time spent traveling back to the city to empty your bag is time wasted. Get the largest bags possible so that you can store more drops and materials. The more you can store the longer you can stay out questing or grinding. If you're completely new maybe asking nicely on the trade channel for a free bag or money to buy a bag would be worthwhile. Also, if you belong to a guild they may help you. Just remember to return the favor to a lower level player in the future.

The fourth method this Make WoW Gold for Newbies article looks at is the gathering professions. Two great gathering professions a newbie can do at the low cost to themselves is skinning and mining. Both professions can be done and leased up while you are questing. The ore that you smelt into bars and the skins you take sell very well in the auction house. I would say this combination of professions is probably the most effective and convenient way of making money. If you get leather scraps from skinning do not throw them away. Ask on the trade channel for a leather worker to combine them into leather pieces for you. Remember to tip and say thank you. You may also get special types of leather skins, such as Clefthoof leather. These also sell for a very nice price. Remember to check the going rates in the auction house before you decide on a selling price. Thanks for reading this Make WoW Gold for newbies article!