Best Running Shoes 2011


When it comes to buying running shoes many people have different preferences. Some want the lightest, most cushioned or the most breathable running trainer. However, there are certain shoes on the market that stand above the rest. The best running shoes are ones that have a mixture of all of these features but do them very well. These are listed below:

Asics Gel Cumulus 13
The Asics Gel Cumulus 13 is one of the best selling running shoes of 2011. It's great visually appealing design and its suave features attract the newest to the most experienced runners. Many of its features have been improved over its predecessor (which were already extremely good) meaning a smoother and more enjoyable run.

Running in the Asics Gel Cumulus 13 makes things feel so natural which is why it's got to be one of the best running shoes currently out. Features like the Impact Guidance System help your feet move in a more efficient and natural way by linking the symmetry along the base. Having this makes your runs much smoother and ensures that you're going to be improving at a much faster rate.

Brooks Glycerin 9
The Brooks Glycerin 9 is a more specialized running shoe by one that's still extremely well suited to its task. The specific task the Brooks Glycerin 9 has is motion control. This means controlling in a sense how your feet move when you run so you run in a much more efficient way than before. This is suited to runners who moderately to severely over pronate (Pronation is a type of motion that your feet do that makes it harder to run).

It takes advantage of its microfiber synthetic leather to give the runner the utmost satisfaction while exercising. This can be particularly helpful on long runs or where you may get pain in your feet halfway through. The Glycerin 9 is also pretty flexible with its omega flex grooves on the outside; once again this makes the feet move in a more natural way.

Asics GT 2160
Asics are known to make only the best when it comes to running and the Asics GT 2160 is no exception to that rule. The Asics GT 2160 has managed to improve over its extremely successful predecessor the Asics GT 2160. Make no mistake that many of its features are the same but some slight changes have made all the difference to this modern running shoe.

A bigger span of air mesh on the Asics 2160 makes it that little bit lighter which can go a long way in improving performance. It's extremely comfortable and looks visually pleasant when you put them on for the first time. This running shoe is one that is going to be popular for a long time and is still one of the best running trainers out.

The running shoes listed above are some of the best running shoes that you can get with your money at the moment. They have been tweaked, tested and redesigned to ensure that the runner gets the best experience possible.