The Secret in Keeping Your Leather Shoes Shiny and New


Whenever you buy a pair of shoes, you always hope it will last a while and you'll get your money's worth from the sale. Nothing is more disappointing (and embarrassing) when your shoes give way during an important occasion!

Shoes that are poor in quality – workmanship and materials – usually can not withstand too much stress or wear. When you do not maintain shoes, this can also increase the speed of their demise. So, if you want shoes that last longer, buy quality shoes and regularly keep them.

To maintain your shoes, you could have them cleaned and polished for a fee, or you could do away with the added expense and clean them yourself. The following are some helpful tips on how you can make your shoes last longer:

Patent leather shoes have a tendency to crack when they become dry, so to guard against cracking, and rub them with a mixture of milk and petroleum jelly or oil. Even if it sounds a little off, try it and see the results for yourself.

Leather shoes can be made waterproof by coating them with boiled linseed oil. Repeat this once more to increase the coating and make sure you dry them out before wearing them.

Cleaning white leather shoes is a little tricky but there is a technique to it. Using a cotton wool pad, rub your shoes all over with cleaning milk. Let the shoes dry for 15 minutes before polishing them using a dry duster.

To keep shoes in shape, insert some shoe supports. This is especially important for leather boots so that they keep their original shape and they do not bend at the legs.

Use the methods above to maintain leather shoes. There are still many techniques available but the most important thing apply these cleaning techniques so your shoes will last longer.