Kissing on a First Date – Good Kissing Techniques and Etiquette

First date jitters are perfectly normal, but how do you know if your date is ready or even wants to be kissed? Often, the first sudden urge you have to kiss someone is during light conversation. Looking into their eyes, listening, but also uncannily focused on their lips, their smile. How do you know if the feeling is mutual? Recognizing good kissing etiquette and good kissing technique is an excellent way to understand when and if to kiss on a date.

There are several visual cues that can tell you whether your date is letting you know they are interested in you. Both men and women unconsciously flirt by grooming themselves. Women will play with their hair, touch her face to draw attention to it and fiddle with articles of clothing. Similarly, men will stroke their chin, adjust their collar and sit up straight to draw attention to their chest.These are all signs that your date is interested and may be interested in a kiss.

Pay attention to physical clues from your date, but also pay attention to what they say during the date and while walking together. If your date is really attracted to you, they will ask questions about you and will be genuinely interested in the answers. People will show attraction to someone by maintaining longer eye contact and staying close to their date when walking. Frequent smiling and laughing are also good indications your date is enjoying your company and is associated to you.

Keep these tips in mind when your date is winding down to a close. If your date does not seem to want to leave or end the date, they may be waiting for a kiss goodnight. Test their comfort level by moving just a bit closer when talking. If they back away in response, take a clue that they are not ready for a higher level
of intrusion just yet. If however, they stand their ground or even better, move closer, they are
probably very interested and a first date kiss is perfectly appropriate.

The first kiss should not be a full-on French kiss, no matter how strict you feel about your connection. In the case of a first kiss, less is definitely more and shows respect for your date. Lean into your date a bit and kiss them slowly but with purpose. A little open mouth is fine on a first date kiss, but anything more than that could be viewed as too much, too soon. Let your date set the pace and length of the kiss and when it's over, touch their hand to leave a lasting impression.