Boucheron – From Jewelry to Perfumes

Frederic Boucheron, who was born in the early 1800s, is the founder of the French jewelry house that shares his surname and is known only as Boucheron.

Since being founded in 1858, the company has been responsible for the creation of a number of various jewelry and watch pieces. During his lifetime, Frederick Boucheron was considered to be a pioneer in the industry as he experimented with various metals and gems in order to create new and innovatively exquisite pieces. Among his most memorable achievements were the experiments he performed on diamond engraving, which was the groundwork that led to the "nature" style of Art Nouveu in the 19th century that featured snake, dragonfly, and butterfly images as well as other animal figures of a symbolic nature. He has also been credited as being the first person to design the wristwatch, as it is known today.

He was also the first jeweler to open at the prestigious Paris square of Place Vendome, which he did 25 years after founding the company. The company remains one of the most famous and respected French jewelry enterprises in the world. In addition, the jewelry house continues to be recognized for its creativity and know-how.

By 1920, Boucheron had introduced the dangling earring to the world as well as the concept of white jewelry, which involved setting diamonds in platinum. He also designed crowns and other jewels for a number of queens and princesses.

In 1988, the jewelry house expanded to offer its own perfume. The perfume, which is recognized as being the first parfum bijou, was created in an attempt to capture the same craft and spirit that is used in each of the jewelry pieces the house creates. The perfume was such as success that the line was expanded in 2005 to include additional scents. Some of their most well known fragrances include Jaipur, Jaipur Saphir, Boucheron Pour Homme, Trouble, and Initial.

In 2000, the Gucci Group acquires the company. Some of the more recent perfume releases that have taken place since this acquisition have included Trouble Eau Legere and Jaipur Homme Fraicheur in 2006. All of these scents are available through major department stores and online fragrance distributors.