How to Maintain Your Silver Jewelry

Silver is known for its beauty and versatility. It is widely used to make different kinds of artifacts, dinnerware, and cutlery, etc. Jewelry like silver ring and silver bracelet is the most popular and well-known form of silver. The elegant luster of silver is what makes it very popular for jewelry production. But like most other metals, silver develops stains and tarnish over time. That is why it is important to clean your precious silver jewelry to avoid damage. Let us look at some easy methods to maintain your jewelry.

Prompt cleaning and buffing

When you use silver jewelry, you must remember to promptly clean it after every use. You can clean the jewelry in slightly warm water using a mild detergent that does not contain phosphate. Do not wash your silver jewelry along with other dishes as it can scratch the silver. Rubber causes corrosion on silver jewelry so make sure you do not use rubber gloves while performing this task.

After washing the silver, promptly wipe it thoroughly with a soft cloth. When you gently rub the soft cloth over the jewelry it will make the silver shine. In case of tarnished silver, washing alone will not help. You can purchase polish that is specially made for silver jewelry. Read instructions on the polish container carefully. Then take some polish and use a soft sponge or cloth that usually comes with the polish and rub the silver with it.

You can also use white toothpaste that does not have any special ingredients for whitening. Put some toothpaste on a soft sponge or cloth that's damp, and gently rub the silver. You can also try moistening the silver first and then directly applying the paste on it. Continue the process until the tarnish is completely removed. Rinse the jewelry with warm water and then use a towel to dry it.

You can also make use of dips that are available at stores. Jewelry is soaked in this solution which has the capacity of dissolving stains. In this method you will not be required to rub the jewelry. Remember not to make use of this dip on silver that has a gray or an oxidized finish as it may damage it.

Storing silver jewelry

In order to maintain your silver jewelry it is also important to store it in the right way after it has been cleaned and polished. Use pieces of a flannel or tissue that is acid free and individually wrap each piece of silver in it. Then store the wrapped pieces of silver jewelry in properly sealed zip lock plastics. Do not let the silver ring, silver bracelet, or other jewelry come in contact with paint, stainless steel, or rubber materials.