Fun and Creative Baby Shower Ideas

Planning a baby shower can be a lot of fun, but it can also be difficult to find just the right decorations, games, and refreshments for your shower. Choosing a theme to plan your baby shower around is a good way to bring all the aspects of a baby shower together in a uniform way. Baby shower themes can be as simple or as detailed as you like, just keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the expectant parents you are planning for and be creative.

A simple, tried and true baby shower theme is baby bottles. Baby bottle shaped shower invitations are easy to locate and many bakeries offer bottle shaped cakes. Play some fun games that involve baby bottles, like dropping clothespins into the bottle or tossing coins into one, and use small bottles without the nipple for drinking glasses during the shower. Remember to wash out the bottles for the new mom to take home. Decorated baby bottles filled with candy or bath beads make wonderful shower favors for guests at an all girl shower.

You could also plan your baby shower around the new arrival's nursery theme. Choose invitations that match the theme, like teddy bears or Noah's Ark, and note that it is a "nursery shower." Encourage your guests to bring gifts for the nursery, like changing and grooming supplies, storage solutions, blankets, and other items that match the theme. Decorations can also reflect the nursery theme and you can even have the cake decorated the same way.

Traditional rules for baby shower planning are often disregarded for more exciting ideas and themes that better fit our fast-paced society. Instead of a traditional afternoon baby shower, plan a baby shower brunch around 10:00 on a Saturday morning. You may choose to combine your brunch shower with traditional baby shower gifts and activities or throw a spa style brunch shower for experienced mothers-to-be who already have their baby gear. A baby shower brunch can be an elegant way to celebrate your friend's new arrival. Serve pastries, quiche, and fresh fruit or a simple breakfast casserole and keep the decorations simple.

Try a coed pregnant baby shower for a memorable shower no one will forget. Invite your guests to come to the shower pregnant, with pillows or blankets stuffed into their shirts. Use a simple baby theme and decorate accordingly, serve traditional refreshments, and play some traditional shower games with the pregnant guest of honor. Remember to take lots of pictures and make copies for the expecting mom.

Another theme that creates lasting memories and is perfect for a coed baby shower is "A Star is Born". Serve a star shaped cake featuring baby's name if it has been chosen and decorate with an awards show flair. The 4 tier Baby Cake "A Star is Born" Diapercake makes a perfect centerpiece for this baby shower theme and is a useful gift for the guest of honor. This theme also works well for baby showers thrown after the new baby's arrival and can feature lots of pictures of the new star.