Personally Yours (Adding Your Signature Of Beauty To The World Around You)


If you are sufficient enough to visit a small town in Beaufort, North Carolina, you will soon discover its uniqueness.

Beaufort is a waterfront town, and one of those places you could term as "charming." It is rich – both in its history and the natural beauty of a seaside atmosphere.

I would term it "nice."

Nice in the relaxing sense.

Nice like savoring the flavor of a fresh, delicious tuna sandwich with your special someone while allowing the calming presence of a beachfront view to reflect you one more time of what it means to "take time to live."


You could pass it by and not see it.

The sign is not huge by any standard. A few words painted on a wooden marker: "Personally Yours By The Sea."

The size of the sign might easily be an indicator of the size of the gift shop it is advertising. In a word: small.

An area less than the measurements of an average living room houses the contents of "Personally Yours By The Sea, Ltd." Should you discover this somewhat hidden treasure, upon entry you would not doubt receive a warm Southern greeting from Laura Lee.

Personally Yours By The Sea is a place of transformation.

You give Laura Lee a blank picture frame, for instance, and she will transform the frame into a personalized gift.

By combining a thought or two of your own with Laura Lee's handiwork, the frame becomes a uniquely designed souvenir or present created for the sole purpose of causing someone to experience a moment of joy each time it is viewed.


What was a blank picture frame becomes a * personal expression * of beauty for you or someone special to you.

It just takes …

Some time,

A personal thought or two,

And a dash of creativity.

You might say that we each own a store – not too unlike the one in Beaufort. We are the sole proprietors of our own "Personally Yours" establishments.

As storeowners, we have the power to use our resources in whatever ways we choose. We, like Laura Lee, may add our unique "signatures" to the lives of those we influence.

Day by day we can design and distribute moments of delight, encouragement and hope to people.


Laura Lee has been personalizing her gifts for about fourteen years.

Fourteen years!

Allow your mind to wander for a few brief seconds. How many individualized expressions of happiness have been crafted over the years from Laura Lee's tiny shop in Beaufort, North Carolina?

And …

In how many different places around the United States – or even the world – do you think these unique gifts can be found? (I can name at least two states that I know of for sure!)

Fourteen years.

And no doubt multiplied hundreds of customers.

That's a lot of smiles for a lot of people

It also reveals the value of …


We know the value of compound interest. Consistent investments – even of relatively small amounts of money – made over a long period of time can add up.

Consider the "compound impact" we can have in the lives of people.

Our influence can "travel" – just like the personalized gifts purchased from a small waterfront town in North Carolina have traveled to the homes, places of employment, and vacation hideaways of many people in a variety of places.

That's the secret of compound impact.

Some time.

A personal thought or two.

A dash of creativity …

* Repeated again and again over time * = "Compound Influence"

I know this is not a new concept. It is not unique and certainly does not qualify as brilliant.

But the determination to take small, consistent steps of action in order to delight the hearts of others according to the unique motivations and gifts we have been given is both * needed * and * valuable * in our world.

And with that in mind, maybe each of us should ask …


Do I have too much unused inventory?

Am I allowing my gifts, talents and abilities to lie somewhat dormant in the back room of my heart?

Or …

Is my inventory being consistently used to brighten the lives of people?

Am I utilizing the tremendous value of compound influence by consistently adding my personal "signature of joy" to the people in my world?

Yours for a day filled with beautiful moments in time,


PS Why not spend a moment or two and take an inventory – an inventory of your strengths, gifts or abilities?

You do not have to list all of them – just a few.

Once the list has been made, ask yourself this question:

"How can I use one or more of these gifts I have been given to create a moment of joy for someone I care about?"

Just a thought