Ensuring Your Child's Toys Are Safe

Kids love toys and grow up with them in our society. Most toys, when used properly, do not pose a risk of harming your child. However, at times there are cases where toys have ended up hurting children. Learn what you can do to take steps that will help you make sure that the toys you give your children are a bit safer.

First of all, you need to use common sense and give your child age appropriate toys. Check the labels on the boxes to make sure that it fits into your child's age range. Also be sure to consider if it is safe for your specific child since you know best what their personality and habits are.

When getting a toy be sure to check for parts that might come off of it easily. Some toys made for young children have had parts that have broken off fairly easily, which can cause a choking hazard in addition to creating a sharp point on the toy that could hurt them. Check the toy yourself to ensure it can physically withstand active interaction with your child.

If you buy a toy, especially one that is used, be sure to check to see if there is a recall out on that toy. In the past few years, a wide variety of toys have been recalled for a number of different reasons. While garage sale shopping can save money, be critical in your research of the toy before giving your child play with it.

Research what the toy is made out of. There have been a number of toys that have had way too much lead in them in recent years. Also be sure that certain toys and playtime items (such as crayons, craft clay, etc.) that could have accidently been ingested are non-toxic so that it will not hurt your child. Some parents have gone as far as not buying toys from certain countries who, in the past two years or so, have had many toys recalled for chemical and toxic concerns.