Downsizing That Diaper Bag

There will be a time and a point when you realize that the bulky diaper bag, and the contents that weigh more than your own child is not completely necessary. While you want to be prepared for any emergency that comes along. Whether it be a diaper emergency, or a allergies; you should still consider downsizing your diaper bag. We all know that a child carrying a large backpack weighed down with books can do damage, so why would not we realize that it can be detrimental to a parent who is carrying this additional weight? Not only does an overly-stuffed diaper bag pose a threat to your back, shoulders, arms, and legs; but it can throw your balance off causing a risk for your child when you carry him or her.

The key to keeping a tidy diaper bag is to downsize the quantity in which you carry. While it is traditional to stock up on diapers for a week within the confines of the small bag. It is not always the wisest thing to do. You should plan on packing two to three diapers per two to five hours you are out of your house. Along with a smaller container of wipes (or a travel package) rather than large container that you'd use at home. Regardless of your situation or needs from a diaper bag; keep things to a minimum. Purchase travel-sized baby items such as the wipes, breast-pads, diaper cream, and other dispensable items.

While it is common-place to pack dozens of toys, you really only need to bring one or two along with you; and spend some of your own time and energy keeping baby entertained. Your child's favorite toy is indeed his or her own parent; so take advantage of this! Of course you will need to pack a change of clothes for those "just in case" moments, along with a plastic bag to keep any soiled clothes away from your clean diapers and other items. Bring along travel-sized formula packs or pre-mixed formula cans along with one to two bottles; depending on how often your child feeds to the hours you will be out. If you plan on your child napping, feel free to bring along a small receiving blanket; there is no need for full-sized blankets on short road trips. You may even opt to get a messenger-style diaper bag, which will help to keep the load even distributed over your shoulder and back; making it much safer to carry.

Lastly, go through your diaper bag once a week; taking out any un-needed items or junk that might have collected there. You will then need to replace anything that has been used; these steps will help to save your back, and keep you in the habit of checking your child's diaper bag for much-needed updates on the items you carry.