Famous People Who Love Model Railways


Toy model trains are very popular with millions of people across the world, and this also includes many famous people. There are people from all walks of life that love to collect and play with model trains. It does not matter what your age, you can still find great enjoyment from train sets.

The reasons that they love model railways are numerous. One of the obvious reasons is that it gives them a sense of escapism and of enjoying something they can not find in real life. Many people love to create models of all kinds, and see model trains and railways as the ultimate things to create.

The other great thing about model trains is that you can watch them going round the track. There is a lot of movement and interaction that is not usually there with other models. For example, model cars and planes are usually static. They are also not usually based on an accurate scale as model trains are.

Model trains are not toys. They are scaled down versions of the real thing. They operate as the real trains operate which is a great draw to many hobbyists. You are also able to control every aspect of the railway track and the scenery around it. It is like creating your own train world in your spare room.

The other great advantage of being involved in model trains is that you can build them in a number of different scales. You can have the smallest scale train in the smallest space in your house, or you can have a huge model train running in your garden. The possibilities are endless once you engage with the hobby.

The addictive nature of the hobby is one reason that famous people love model railways. Once you buy your first track and train, you will get hooked. You will see what it takes to design a great track and how you can improve on it. Often this is enough to keep you engaged in the hobby for years.

Many people also like the historical element of the hobby. For instance, you can not find steam trains running any longer, so many people like to collect and run model steam engines and locomotives. This lets them experience the steam trains again and relive that part of history.

Beside all the things mentioned above, there is a huge sense of achievement that comes from building, planning and designing model railways. It takes a lot of thought and skill to be able to create a scaled down version of a working railway track. This involves many different aspects from laying track to repairing trains. All of these things make model railways very popular.

The model railway hobby is open to anyone. You can find an inexpensive pre-built kit at most model stores around the country. You can set up a simple layout and then grow from there. In a few years, you may have built a huge rail network and have numerous locomotives operating.

As you can see, there are so many things that keep people involved in the hobby and will do for years to come.