Types of Miniature Dogs


Many people find miniature dogs cute and adorable. These dogs are smaller compared to other dogs, measuring around twelve inches in height on the average. They look like puppies even if they are mature already. There are so many types of miniature dogs all over the world. Some are purebred. Others are mongrel, meaning a mix of two purebreds already.


One kind of miniature dogs is the miniature schnauzer. It belongs to the schnauzer family, but is a smaller breed. It is a combined breed of a standard schnauzer and smaller breeds of dogs. The miniature schnauzer was ranked 11th most popular breed of dogs in the United States in the year 2007.


Miniature schnauzers have squarely proportioned built. They stand at around 12 to 14 inches in height, and weighs around 11 to 15 pounds. These dogs are double coated. It has an exterior fur with an undercoat. You will find their colors to be either a combination of salt and pepper or a combination of silver and black. There are also pure black. They are called non-shedding dogs because their shedding is very minimal that they are unnoticeable.


Let’s take a look next at a miniature pinscher. It belongs to the pinscher clan. Most of them are made to hunt vermin or rats. They are labeled the Kings of the Toy Dogs because they look like toy dogs. These dogs belong to the list of the Group 2 Section 1.1 of the international kennel club. Miniature pinscher has a stouter appearance. Its coat is less refined although the earlier breeds had more refined coats. It looks like a smaller version of dobermanns.


The miniature bull terrier is also another popular small breed of dogs. It is a result of selective breeding from the bull terrier. Bull terriers have strong build. They have a full body with muscular shoulders. They have egg shaped head, triangular and closely set eyes. They have erect ears and horizontal tails.

The miniature breed of bull terriers has short, fine and glossy coats that are so close to the skin. They have many colors. The least liked color is blue or liver colored coats. These dogs are easy to take care of. They need very minimal grooming. A miniature bull terrier is often mistaken for chihuahua. To differentiate, a bull terrier’s weight is proportionate to its height. A Chihuahua is more akin to a miniature pinscher.


Another miniature breed is the miniature French bulldogs. These are strong, brave, little dogs with pug noses and square flat heads. They have rounded foreheads and bat ears. They have dark round eyes, soft skin and corkscrew tail. Mini French bulldogs are naturally playful and clownish. They are affectionate, sweet, and immensely funny. They are very sociable and like to have companion always. Thus, they are very appealing to humans, especially children. It can be trained but it will require utmost patience from the trainer.

There are a hundred more different breeds of miniature dogs. They are generally cute and cuddly, and never fail to enliven any home. The wonderful thing about these dogs is that they can be brought inside the home. With their size, they make good companions inside the house without causing much disturbance.