Touche Eclat Review

The Touche Eclat Radiant Touch pen by Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is a popular product in the make up world. It has become so popular that it has sparked many copy cat products for different budgets.

The product comes in a light slim gold pen with brush applicator and a YSL monogram lid. For the first use you need to click the pen around 20 times to start the flow of liquid, after that you only have to click 2-3 times for the product to be dispensed onto the brush.

Touche Eclat is a very sheer concealer which actually works as a highlighter or brightener. As a result it's not designed to be used like a regular concealer which covers acne or other skin blemishes.

Due to the light reflecting particles that are contained in this product it makes it perfect for concealing dark circles under the eyes and any discolouration on other areas of the face.

It's a very lightweight formula that is easy to blend and you will not feel like your wearing any make up. It has the ability to make you look wide awake and refreshed even if you've not had much sleep. Touche eclat is quick and easy to apply so it's easy to add to your make up routine.

The information booklet that comes with the radiant touch product also suggests that it can be used to highlight the cupids bow of the lip area, the bridge of your nose, cheeks bones and brow bone. There are 4 colors in this YSL product range, it's best to check them out in person to see what color suits. Then you can go online to find the best deals in the right shade number.