What Darts And Dart Boards Are Best?

What Darts should I buy? What Dart Boards are best? Are tungsten Darts better than brass Darts?

These are questions that we are constantly being asked so to assist all the new Darts Players, I have compiled this information. It is meant to provide you with some basic knowledge and advice and we hope that it serves this purpose.

What Dart Board Should I buy? This is probably the most frequently asked question and certainly one of the easiest to answer. There are basically three types of Dart Boards. The kids dart board that we have all played on at some stage, the sisal bristle Dart Board and the electronic Dart Board.

The kids dart boards are generally made of compressed paper, banded with wire and serve the purpose of entertaining kids for a short while. They have a very short life span and within weeks, look tattered or fall apart.

The Sisal Bristle Dart Boards are more expensive but essential for anybody that intends to play often. The board is manufactured from the leaves of the Sisal Cactus, they are tightly bound and will retain their shape, appearance and functionality for a very long term. The major manufacturer is Nodor and we highly recommend their Nodor Supawire and Nodor Supabull II. Advanced players may consider a Nodor Champions Choice, designed with half size doubles, trebles and a mini bull.

The electronic Dart Boards are very popular in America and England but not as popular in Australia. Many of the boards are virtually kids toys, however there are some good, high quality electronic Boards available. These boards require the use of Soft Tip Darts.

Are Tungsten Darts better than Brass Darts?

There are a number of materials that Darts are manufactured from., the main 3 being Brass, Tungsten and Nickel Silver.

Brass Darts are probably the most common and are relatively inexpensive. Prices vary from a few dollars to around $35 and are the best option when you buy your first set of Darts, or are learning to play Darts. They are an inexpensive way of trying different weights and styles, without investing too much money.

Nickel Silver Darts are basically the same as brass Darts, they around the same price range and are generally marginally higher in quality. Like brass Darts, they are suited for use at home or by the occasional Dart Player.

Tungsten Darts are used by the serious Darts Players. These darts are generally high quality and come in a large variety of weights and styles. The tungsten component is generally describes as being 80%, 85% etc. with the higher tungsten value, being the most expensive. Prices start from as little as $15 and go to upwards of $200, depending upon your needs.

What weight Dart is best?

The weight of your Darts is a personal preference. As a general rule, most people would generally throw a weight of 19-24gms. There are of course people that particularly like a heavy weight, such as the Titan Heaviesand others prefer a light weight such as Featherlites.

New Darters should try a few different weights, focusing on 19-24gms for their first set.

Where do I buy Darts from?

The best place to buy Darts is from a reputable dealer that can provide good quality equipment, good prices and after sales service. We recommend the Dart Shop, Australias best online Darts Retailer.