Developmental Toys For Learning

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Developmental toys are a great way to aid parents in encouraging their child's growth in those all too important first five years. During these years baby will learn to crawl, walk, jump, and climb; as well as socialization, talking, listening, counting, and more. Knowing how to help your child reach these milestones is why developmental toys are manufactured. Basically these toys are simply games used for the educational development of children.

During the first year of life your baby learns visual, audio, and tactile skills as well as beginning fine and gross motor skills. Toys good for this are soft toys with buzzers, squeakers, bells, and patches; as well as, books with bright colors, shapes and bold lines. Gyms with hanging toys for kicking are other options. Walkers and jumpers also help strengthen legs and enhance balance.
In the second year baby learns to walk and often talk. Motor skills became more developed during this year. Balls, cars, trucks and wagons are good toys which can be pushed, pulled, kicked, and thrown. Water toys are also fun for this age. Reading to your two year old regularly is important; as is singing.

By age three, a child's imagination is developing and their ability to pretend play is here. Several toys for this type of play are available available, including kitchen sets and tool benches. Three year olds may also be introduced to crayons, as they are easier to hold at this age. Three year olds also like to dig with shovels and play with buckets.

Four year olds are proficient at running, jumping, climbing, and dancing and enjoying outside games as much as or more than inside ones. Dress up and pretend play are still favorites. It may be a good time to introduce a play instrument. Art supplies are also fun at this age.

During year five your child is probably learning to read and write. Books are very important at this stage. Puzzles, board games and computer games are other ways children at this age can learn. There are toys to suit every age and stage of development.